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PJD Guitars - 5 Year Extended Warranty Terms

PJD Guitars grants you the following (limited) warranty, for guitars of the brand 'PJD Guitars'. This limited warranty is granted through PJD Guitars and is valid for 5 years, from the date of purchase of this warranty, providing the purchase date is within 6 months of the original instrument purchase. This limited warranty covers the cost of labour and materials for any repair / replacement that PJD Guitars deems necessary, under this warranty, after inspection by a PJD Guitars employee.

In each case you must be the first end-user and must have purchased the guitar directly from PJD Guitars or from an authorized PJD Guitar dealer. All authorized dealers are listed on the following website:


This limited warranty applies solely to you, but not to any subsequent owner. This warranty is non transferable in whole or in part, in any way.


This warranty does not apply to the following: - Setup / adjustments or routine maintenance - normal wear and tear of the instrument and parts, including, but not limited to ageing, normal wear and tear of Frets, Saddle, Strings, Pick guard, controls, switches, Jacks - Damage caused by misuse of the instrument, using incompatible accessories, improper storage, any modifications, accidents, improper maintenance of the instrument and its parts.


PJD Guitars reserves the right to make the determination of misuse, modification or neglect based on inspection by a PJD Guitars employee and will not be responsible for any such claims. - Declared defects involving personal judgment and likes, including opinions involving characteristics of the tone of the instrument, wood grain/colours of the wood. - Any instrument case/bag - Declared defects/damage to the instrument e.g cracks, splitting, warping or damage to the instruments overall finish caused by an accident or the instrument being exposed to changes in temperature/humidity, exposure to sunlight, moisture, guitar hangers/straps that have caused harm to the instrument. - An instrument with a missing serial number or the serial number being altered or tampered with in any way. - The instrument with a declared defect has had work carried out on it previously by a repair person or technician other than a PJD Guitar employee. The obligations of PJD Guitars under this warranty are limited to repair or replacement of parts of the instrument or pickup, found to be defective after inspection by a PJD Guitars employee.


Under no circumstances shall PJD Guitars be liable for, but not limited to, lost profits, loss of business, loss of wages due to any damage/defect of the instrument. PJD Guitars will not be accountable for any issues that may arise during postage/shipping e.g instrument becomes lost in transit, instrument is held by customs for incomplete paperwork. In order to make a claim under this warranty, as set out above, firstly you must contact PJD Guitars, either via telephone: (+44)1904 947288 or email:, with a description of the declared defect as well as any relevant photographs, you must ensure you have original proof of purchase by you that you are able to send, for example a sales invoice, receipt, PayPal / Shopify confirmation email. You must provide PJD Guitars with your full name, telephone number and address for the instrument to be returned to. Company number 11849531 VAT Register 319516203 WWW.PJDGUITARS.COM If you are arranging for the instrument to be delivered to PJD Guitars, Unit 2, Wellington Road, Pocklington Industrial Estate, York, YO42 1AP, it is your responsibility to ensure PJD Guitars are aware that you are sending the instrument. You are required to pay all postage fees that apply for the delivery and also pay all fees for the return of your instrument to the address that you requested. If you plan to ship your guitar from outside the UK, you are required to pay for any permits and any subsequent customs handling fees that may apply, if you fail to do this, the guitar could be confiscated by the government and destroyed.


On arrival to PJD Guitars, a review of the declared defect and examination of the instrument will take place. If it is deemed, that the repair / replacement is covered under this limited warranty, PJD Guitars will notify you of the repairs and or replacement parts as PJD Guitars sees appropriate under this limited warranty. Upon completion of any work carried out, the instrument will be returned to the original purchaser, with all postage, handling fees and any added postage insurances paid for by you, the purchaser. If, after inspection by PJD Guitars, the declared defect on the instrument cannot be repaired, PJD Guitars will replace it with a model with similar specifications and value, one that does not exceed its original purchase price.


PJD Guitars cannot guarantee that the replacement will be an exact like for like for the original model. If, however, after inspection of the declared defect it is deemed that it is not covered under this limited warranty, you will be contacted with an estimate of repair costs. If you do not give consent for PJD Guitars to proceed with the cost of repair then the instrument will be returned to you, without replacement or repair, all shipping and any added insurance is to be paid for by you.


PJD Guitars will not be liable for any damage that occurs during shipping; either on delivery to PJD Guitars or during the return to you, the purchaser. PJD Guitars will not be liable for, but not limited to, any lost profits, loss of business, loss of wages in any form whilst PJD Guitars are undertaking an examination of the declared defect and/or whilst any repairs / replacement parts for the instrument are being carried out. Any instrument sent to PJD Guitars without, prior notice, required proof of purchase and or shipping/postage fees paid in full, will be refused and returned to sender.


PJD Guitars will not be, under any circumstances, obligated to undertake any actions on any alternative warranty made by, but not limited to, any PJD Guitar dealer, salesperson or PJD Guitars representative, other than the limited warranty set out in this document.


The limited warranty set forth in this document is applicable solely to PJD Guitars instruments. PJD Guitars reserves the right to make alterations at any time to modify or refine its instrument parts and pickup systems, this includes making electrical refinements and using alternative wood species without having any responsibility to modify, replace or repair any parts of the instrument to meet any prior specifications.


This warranty does not affect your statutory rights which exist separately to this limited warranty.

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