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Our New Woodford Standard Plus is light weight, smooth to play and features a huge range of single coil and humbucker tones.

Equipped with Gotoh Vintage 510 Tremolo which make this guitar our most playable and versatile Woodford to date.

The Woodfords hand wound PJD Dr Wallace and Wadfather pickups provide a vintage modern array of tones with warmth, depth and clarity and the heart of their tone.

The ultra-thin finish allows the guitar to mature and develop quickly. Elegant, familiar and made from scratch in York England. 

Colour Options
The Woodford Standard Plus is available in our standard colour options or with a "Spray Over" finish.

What is a "Spray Over" finish?
A Spray Over finish sees our guitar initially painted in Three Tone Sunburst. A second colour from our standard options is then sprayed directly over the top. The finish is then rubbed back in certain areas to reveal the three tone sunburst beneath, giving the guitar a unique aesthetic.